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Shop Policies

No Kids Allowed
Deposits must be taken upon booking appointments (Minimum $50.00)
Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable with at least 48 hours notice
No food on premises

clients only in the tattoo area, no friends allowed

We reserve the right to refuse service


Tattoo Appointments

Appointments can be made by phone 250-753-1646  or in person at the shop, 575 Terminal Ave. Nanaimo. email to blackandbluetattoo@yahoo.ca.
Minimum $50 deposit required for all tattoo appointments (Consultations are free).
Deposits and all payments can be made by cash, debit or credit card (phone appointments require credit card information to be given over the phone).
Minimum 48 hours notice required for all cancellations.


Shop Rates

Tattooing: $165 / hour (minimum charge – $100)
Prices subject to GST


Tattoo Aftercare

Follow the instructions on this page for trouble free healing of your new tattoo.
After a minimum of 5 hrs, preferably overnight, carefully remove the bandage from your tattoo. Wash your tattoo for approximately 10 minutes in the hottest water you can handle. Using soap and only your fingertips rub off any old plasma/blood. DO NOT use a cloth, loofah or a sponge! Lightly pat your tattoo dry with a clean towel. DO NOT rub it!. For the next 2 days gently wash the tattoo with very mild soap and water, again using only your fingertips to gently massage the area clean. Following that let your tattoo dry out! DO NOT APPLY lotions or creams to the area for the first 4 days, during this time try to keep your tattoo as dry as possible. Occasional washing is okay, remember to pat it dry, DO NOT RUB your new tattoo.

After this initial period you may use lotion to relieve any extreme dryness and/or itching. Apply a very thin layer of unscented lotion, NOT VASELINE, that has no additives (such as Aloe, Vitamin E, Lanolin etc.) Some good brands to use are unscented Lubriderm or Aveeno. The plainest/whitest lotion you can buy!
While your tattoo is healing you should not expose it to pools, hot tubs and direct sun. Sun exposure is the nemesis of a new tattoo, do not allow it for the first few weeks. Once your tattoo is fully healed, remember to always use sunscreen on all your tattoos or keep them covered when you are in the sun.

Sunlight will age your tattoo and cause the colours to fade. This also goes for tanning beds!

It is normal for your new tattoo to flake and itch while it is healing. DO NOT pick, rub, scratch, or mess with your tattoo!!! If your tattoo becomes irritated while healing the colour may be lost from it which may result in a need for touch-ups. If touch–ups are required contact Black and Blue Tattoo to book an appointment. One touch-up is free within one year. If touch-ups are required, please book an appointment within 2 months of finishing your tattoo. Touch-ups will be done by the original artist. If you decide to ignore these instructions, you will be charged for touch-ups!

If you have any questions regarding the aftercare of your tattoo or what is “normal” healing, do not hesitate to call us at (250) 753-1646